I’m Sorry

I detest the hypocrisy of people, especially celebrities, who make a dumb-ass mistake then believe they can wipe it away with a half-hearted “I’m sorry”. Especially when the only thing they are really sorry about is finding out that others aren’t on board with what they did / said, and they may lose income over it. They’re really not sorry because of the realization that what they did was in poor taste.

kathy-griffin-catches-heat-over-photo-holding-trumps-bloody-head_1Enter Kathy Griffin, the latest celebrity to get caught doing something really crass, then fully believing she can wipe it away with a meaningless, “I’m sorry.”

She’s not sorry that she did something clearly in poor taste, she’s sorry that everyone didn’t find it as funny as she did, that people are not on board with her “joke.”

Now, she’s not the only celebrity to have done or said something that they later backed away from, expecting a simple, “I’m sorry” to solve everything. The problem is that these are the same people who will not accept an apology from the other side. They scream and cry into the media cameras and mics about how saying “I’m sorry” is not acceptable, and that they will never forget or forgive “x” for what they did / said.

We are all human, we all make mistakes. Trump and crew are being bashed about possible “collusion” with the Russians during their campaign, and we are all supposed to be horrified and demand immediate firing and impeachment. Yet, this is being done by the same people who, in 2012, brushed away insinuations being made when their god (Barack Obama) promise Medvedev, when he thought the mic was off, that “This is my last election, after my election I have more flexibility.”

This country is tearing itself apart because people, even famous people, are not allowed to make mistakes. Some mistakes we make are done from the inexperience of youth, when we are simply not wise enough to understand what we are doing / saying. Some mistakes are made because of cultural differences (changing of times), what we said even 5 years ago was during times that are vastly different than they are today. Has your opinion on matters never changed? If they have, then why do you expect others to hold the same opinions they held years ago? Why can you not accept that their views change with times and circumstances?

Forgiveness is just Common Sense.

The New Royalty

One of the key points in Payne’s Common Sense arguments was the idiocy of putting a value on a person simply because of their bloodline. Why does someone’s parentage make them any more qualified to be a leader? History has certainly proved that wrong, just look at Caligula, Vlad the Impaler, and Charles VI for examples.

Today we seem to have a new royalty that we put upon a pedestal and honor them for things outside of their niche, we call them Celebrities. They are actors, singers, sports figures, and others who like to see their names (and faces) in the limelight. They speak out on topics for which they have no real expertise – climate change, politics, international relations, and we bow down to their opinions. Why? What makes them, and their opinions, any more important than ours simply because of their talents in unrelated areas?

Would you let an actor work on the brake lines of your car? Would you let a singer pilot the 747 you’re taking to fly home? Would you let a quarterback remove your appendix? Then why should you allow them to influence the person you vote into office?

The Democrats are trying to influence the Congressional race in Georgia, not by appealing to the qualifications of their candidate, not even the failings of the opposition candidate. They’re doing it by running ads featuring Samuel L. Jackson saying, ‚ÄúVote for the Democratic Party. Stop Donald Trump, a man who encourages racial and religious discrimination and sexism.” Does that tell you anything about the Republican candidate? No. It implies they are, like Trump, a racist, simply because of their party affiliation. Does it tell you anything about their candidate? Nope. But people will vote for the Democrat simply because of Samuel L. Jackson.

Why do we do this? Why do we place such worth on the opinion of a person simply because they have talents in an unrelated field? Perhaps we should go back to allowing heredity to pick our leaders. Makes as much sense.


ms_01c4ca71fd-46e9-4709-a41a-6789ac1c60d6originalEight years ago President Obama did what no president before him could, he created a healthcare system with the goal of covering all American’s. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very bright, his arrogance would not allow open debate in Congress, forcing an ill-designed product through, and implementing it in a manner allowing it to be easily overturned. And it will be.

The Republicans are at least going at it the right way, introducing a bill and opening it for debate. Unfortunately, the arrogance of the Democratic Party is preventing them from entering the debate. American’s should tell both sides to put aside their differences, sit down and negotiate a workable bill.

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